Welcome to a
Frictionless World.

Brought to you by Tick Property Group, the letting agency in Liverpool. There are many issues facing both landlords and tenants and there's real frustration. That needs to change. Imagine a world where tenants and landlords no longer battle. Where landlords get 100% of the rent and tenants get five star service. That world is possible with Tick. They smooth the path. They remove the friction.


It’s ridiculous that renting a property out can cause you so much hassle right?

We’re here to make your life easier. See how we help landlords actually enjoy renting a property out.

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Sometimes it’s stressful renting a property off someone isn't it? See how we remove that stress and help you start relaxing in your lovely home.

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Things need
to change

The world of lettings isn’t making anyone happy.

There’s a reason estate agents are the most hated profession. See what we’re doing to improve property management.

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Our people are dedicated to ensuring every single tenant and landlord is treated respectfully. We aren’t like other estate agents. You’re more than a client to us. Chat to our experienced team. Obsessed with a high standard of customer service and satisfaction.

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