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Essential Property Maintenance Tips for Renters

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When it comes to your rental property, it can be confusing trying to figure out what property maintenance you are and aren’t responsible for. For some tenants, it’s their first experience of renting. For others, they may not have rented with an award-winning letting agency before who provide first-class customer service in Liverpool and really care about your comfort!

We spoke to our in-house Maintenance Team who were happy to advise on the most common reasons they are called out, and to provide their top tips for keeping your home free of issues. These simple preventative maintenance measures will keep you safe and your home secure and will avoid unnecessary costs for all involved.


The number one reason that our maintenance team is called out is to change the light bulbs. Changing your own light bulbs will save you a callout fee and save you time. Why arrange a maintenance appointment and pay for it when you could change the bulbs yourself in seconds? (Extra top tip: make sure you get dimmer bulbs if your lights have a dimmer setting!)


Unattended Leaks

The second most common reason for maintenance callouts is to fix leaks which, by the time they’re detected, have caused considerable damage to the tenant’s property and occasionally, neighbouring properties too. A leaking boiler, leaking toilet, leaking taps, a leaky shower or under sink area…if they’re left too long, they can cause considerable damage. You can easily avoid this by regularly checking and if you notice any water where it shouldn’t be, then let the Tick Property Group team in Liverpool know straight away, so that your dedicated property manager can get the issue fixed before it becomes a costly problem.


Somewhat surprisingly, a high entry on reasons for maintenance callouts is moth infestations. These pesky critters can cause significant damage; carpet moths in particular can eat through wool and manmade carpets at an astonishing pace. You can avoid this by ensuring proper ventilation in the home, through opening windows. You can also avoid moth larvae in carpets by vacuuming regularly.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are another top reason for our maintenance team to be called out to jobs, and they’re one of the easiest things to fix yourself in the early stages. If you notice slow draining water in your bathroom sink or kitchen sink, then you can clear the blocked drains by using a regular drain unblocker that you can buy from any local home store, such as Home Bargains. This is a lot cheaper than a callout fee!

Oversoaking Bathroom Floors

Flooded bathroom floors are also common reasons for callouts. Whether it’s from splashing water from the shower, overfilling bathtubs or for using bidets for other purposes than their intended use, an oversoaked bathroom floor can be an expensive problem to rectify and can cause issues not confined to the bathroom. Ensure you use a shower curtain or shower screen and use suitable bathmats to limit the amount the water that reaches the floor.  


We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. By carrying out these small checks, you’ll save yourself time and money and ensure your rental home is the best it can be.

At Tick Property Group, Liverpool’s best letting agent, we do everything we can to make sure that when you rent with us, you’re happy. This isn’t your typical landlord/tenant relationship, it is award-winning customer service with experienced and knowledgeable property managers.

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Trust Pilton 5 Stars

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Trust Pilton 5 Stars

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