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We get why many tenants are frustrated. By listening and understanding, we have been able to identify the problems and then come up with new ways to solve them, helping you to easily find properties to rent in Liverpool.

The Old Approach

Unregulated Letting Agents

Anyone can call themselves a letting agent. This means all kinds of unregulated letting agents show up, offering services that they can’t deliver against. This means that there are people with no training, no experience and no knowledge in the property market trying to advertise and rent out properties. A skill that requires experience and training. A skill many don't have.

The Tick Approach

A talented team always looking to improve

Our team are trained. Our team are knowledgeable. Our team are seen as leaders in the sector. See what we mean.

The Old Approach

Poor communication and management

For many letting agents, it’s all about that quick move in and getting their commission. This leads to a lack of communication, leaving tenants feeling deflated, ignored, anxious and disrespected. Some letting agents will often rush tenants through the process without providing the necessary information. Tenants have told us about other companies that:

  • Repeatedly ignore calls
  • Fail to answer questions
  • Refuse to have meetings
  • Skip over important information
  • Rush through documents or phone calls
  • Disrespect them

The Tick Approach

Talkative, chatty and always available

We have an entire department whose sole purpose is communication. They will proactively keep you in the loop. More than that though, they are always available. No 9-5 rules here. Just a bunch of people who are there for you when you need them; whenever that may be.

The Old Approach

Lack of action

Once a tenant has moved in, the letting agents often relinquish responsibility, claiming any issues that need to be dealt with by the landlord directly. They are hard to get hold of as they have moved onto their next client. This means tenant and landlord are forced into engaging with each other. So, misunderstandings occur, arguments happen and resentment grows.

The Tick Approach

Proactive and problem solvers

Tenants deal with Tick; not the landlord. So any problems, issues or work that needs doing gets sorted straight away. And you want to see proactivity? Well we offer same day viewings and move ins, free monthly cleaning, same day maintenance and a team that are available 24 hours day, 7 days a week. These are the key factors why tenants love Tick. We are here for you.